The Distinctive Dame | Bridal Hair and Makeup in Melbourne

Our arms, chairs and hearts are open to looking after anyone in need of fancy hair and makeup for their hitching, love party, wedding be it  a huge to-do, small backyard gathering, registry visit or elopement.

There are so many ways to interpret the brief of wedding and curate an experience that is a true and honest reflection of you. We would love to be part of that process and nurture you through to the stage where you feel like the hair and makeup look that we create together is spot on; one that is authentically you.

“Margeaux made me feel absolutely beautiful, and did such an amazing job with my wedding hair and makeup. She also made me feel completely at ease and calm – I couldn’t stop smiling and enjoyed chatting with her so much. She is exactly who you want to be hanging out with at the start of your wedding day”.

Whilst based in Melbourne, we’re ready to work with you wherever you are.  

This is  proudly an LGBTQIA+ inclusive business

  Often the finishing touch to any iconic look is beautiful hair & makeup.

This is where you get to showcase your personality and your flavour. Nothing is off-limits.

Let’s work together to create a look that makes you look and feel fabby, but is still a highly recognisable version of you (this is especially important if you’re not a day-to-day fancy babe).

After you trotted off, I raced back to a mirror to have another look at my wedding day hair & makeup. It was big, fluffy and fabulous!! I felt like me, (albeit a more glamorous version) and lasted all day and into the night. 



You’ve probably been cruising pinterest for inspiration.
Maybe you’ve got a couple of boards going.
Maybe you know the kinds of flowers you’re going to have, the outfit that you’ll wear. 

Or maybe you’re hoping for a bit of friendly guidance from a team of fashion & beauty lovers because it’s so damn overwhelming and you don’t look anything like those babes on pinterest or insta (who does?!) and you’ve left it all to the last minute (this is So fine btw, some of us produce our best work at the last minute)

Don’t fret.

Let’s play !  Aka your bridal trial

You’ll be invited to come into our private Collins St studio where we’ll spend a couple of hours getting to know each other; talking about your ideas and creating a look from scratch to see what works on you. 

This is very much a collaborative process.
We’ve thoughtfully curated our space to ensure that you feel safe enough to share your feedback and that the final look makes you feel like a mega babe.

Trials are highly recommended to ensure that there is no guess work on your event day; to ensure that everything is smooth sailing and to allow you to sit back and enjoy being pampered. 

 We understand that organising a wedding can be exxy and do our best to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the pricing of our services. 

Our prices are based on our experience and quality of service and inclusive of all meetings,  admin & correspondence.
When you book with us, you are booking artists that are not only committed to their craft but are also committed to looking after you from beginning to end.
You are not another number.
You and your needs matter. 
We are your stylists but we are also your friends. 


Please enquire about flexible payment options.
We know it’s been a crummy time for some of you and we can set something up so you can pay over time if need be 🙂

PS If you like what you see, you’re welcome to go straight to our booking site and secure your date.
Most Saturdays for the first half of the year are booked, however there’s lots of Weekday and Sunday availability.

There’s still a few dates free for the second half of the year for those of you planning a winter event. 

On your wedding day we will show up with smiles on our faces, softness in our hearts and our brushes in tow. We’ll steadily and calmly get to work ensuring that you all feel at ease and ready sashay into your event like the queen that you are.  

We take a hands on approach and are happy to help with pinning in hairpieces, veils, doing up buttons, zips and shoes. 

Yep. We’re all in! 

I wanted to thank you so so so much for your help and patience with me on the day. You were amazing and calm and really helped me feel relaxed.
You also went above and beyond with helping me into my dress..
One million thank yous for your patience and gorgeous vibe.
I can’t thank you enough. 


Things have changed a little in light of covid. 

We’re doing our best to adapt and go with the flow as much as possible. Whilst it isn’t quite business as usual, we’re committed to working with you to make sure that you feel safe and supported. 

Should you choose to book with us and ol mate covid decides to throw a tantrum, leaving you to postpone your event; we’ll happily transfer any payments made to your new date free of charge. 

Did we miss something?
If you’ve gotten this far and still have questions, please reach out via
email or phone. We also offer complimentary consultations in the studio for those of you that want to do a vibe check and do an irl show and tell (I LOVE THESE!!).

Sooo excited to connect with you, hear your story and ideas and to support you on this journey.
With love, hugs and so much fucking enthusiasm !!!

Margeaux  founder & boss babe