The Distinctive Dame | Bridal Hair and Makeup in Melbourne

We are SO excited that you’ve landed on this page and are thinking about working together. We’ve worked on So many weddings over the years, waaay more than we’ll ever attend in this lifetime..

There are so many ways to interpret the brief of wedding and curate an experience that is a true and honest reflection of you. 
We would love to be part of that process and nurture you through to the stage where you feel like the hair and makeup look that we create together is spot on. It is very much a collaborative effort.

Our arms, chairs and hearts are open to looking after anyone in need of fancy hair and makeup for their wedding day, commitment ceremony, post elopement party, civil ceremony or even destination wedding. 

Whilst we are based in Melbourne, we’re ready to work with you wherever you are.  

This is  proudly an LGBTQIA+ inclusive business

You’ve probably been cruising Pinterest for inspiration.

Maybe you’ve got a couple of boards going.
Maybe you know the kinds of flowers you’re going to have, the outfit that you’ll wear. Or maybe you’re still figuring it out. That’s okay, some of us produce our best work at the last minute! 
Often the finishing touch to any iconic look is beautiful hair & makeup.

Let’s work together to create a look that makes you feel fabby but also is a highly recognisable but fancier version of you.

I and my team of handpicked stylists are here as conduits to help you bring your vision to life.

Sparkly jumpsuit and velvet cape? YEAH
50s glam with a punk edge?             YEAHH
Floofy black gown with sneakers?    FUCK YEAHHH

Your wedding day is approaching and you’re ready to have a play to test out your ideas.

You’ll be invited to come into our private Collins St studio where we’ll spend a couple of hours getting to know each other; talking about your ideas and creating a look from scratch to see what works on you.
In this session we’ll test one out main look with a few adjustments.

What to bring:
* Any accessories that you’d like included in the style i.e. crowns, headbands, clips, veils etc.
* Any makeup you’d like to be used for the look i.e. lipstick

* Trials are highly recommended to ensure that there is no guess work on your event day; to ensure that everything is smooth sailing and to allow you to sit back and enjoy being pampered. 
** This is very much a collaborative process. We’ve thoughtfully curated our space to ensure that you feel safe enough to share your feedback and that the final look makes you feel like a mega babe.
*** Please inform us of any allergies or product preferences i.e. vegan 


Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a flap in the lead up to a big event? 
That fusion of nerves, excitement, anticipation.. Especially true for those of us sensitive and anxious bunnies.  A kind thing to do for yourself  so you don’t feel like this on your wedding day is to 
hand over the reins and to be looked after. You can breathe easy knowing that the look will be nailed and it’ll be what you want.

Thanks so much for your work on my hair and makeup!
It held up beautifully and was exactly what I wanted. We had a lovely wedding and party – it just went by way too fast….

We’re not heavy handed artists unless that’s what you request. We like skin to look like skin and brows to look like brows. 
We always work together because life is about collaboration.