Who is The Distinctive Dame ?



Everyday I would watch my mother – a strong, vibrant woman – transform herself into Fierce Queen via her chosen armour: glamour and adornment.

This daily ritual was something I took on for myself from a fairly young age.
Much like my mother I developed a strong sense of occasion and took such pride in experimenting with and curating many looks.  Along the way I have developed and refined my skills in the realms of fashion, beauty and styling; intuitively applying what it is I know, live and breath on my clients. 

This is something I want to gift you because I know how powerful this kind of transformation is  and how special it is to be looked after and cared for.

Photo by Scorpio The Label

Margeaux made me feel like an absolute Queen for my birthday. 
I got my hair and makeup done – everything was exactly what I wanted, I felt amazing. 
Thank you for helping me bring my Lenore Osgood to life !!! Lynette

Vintage Glamour
& Retro Styling is our Jammm

Aesthetically, we consider ourselves vintage hair & makeup specialists. Retro and vintage looks are what make us foam at the mouth. We’ve spent Years obsessing, learning and refining our skills; getting it right so that you can have your best dream babe moments. 

What styles are we talking?

Art Deco Fingerwaves and Smokey Eyes
Swingin’ Sixties Beehives & Winged Liner
Fabulous Forties Pageboys and Rita Hayworth Waves

Having said that, our interests, interests & skills are varied so if vintage isn’t your thang please reach out.
We’re not just one trick ponies. No era is off limits. We won’t be bamboozled by requests for no makeup makeup, effortless beachy waves, textured up-dos or era-fusions.
Whatever the brief, we’ve got you covered!

Margeaux did the most amazing job on my wedding day for myself and my bride tribe.
Not only is Margeaux a gorgeous person all round but her work is incredible!
I had a very specific vintage inspired theme and she absolutely nailed it. Beautiful person and beautiful work ! Ashleigh


My name is Margeaux. She | Her.

I’m a creative, soul based, neurodivergent entrepreneur, stylist, hair & makeup artist, healer, creator and superabundant queen.

If you would have told my younger self that I was to have my own biz someday, I probably would have quizzically stared at you and chuckled. I spent years trying to fit myself into boxes and categories that were created by others. Whilst I’m not fully emancipated from this way of thinking, I can say that I’ve always found a way to twirl to the beat of my own drum in one way or another.  I’m here to help you do the same. 

A few things I’d like you to know about me:
* I LOVE movie and tv soundtracks. Some of my faves include Romeo & Juliet, Bridgerton, Amelie & The Wedding Singer. 
* I love doggos and kitties. Just animals. They’re the best!
* I love hunting for treasure – vintage, unusual & one off finds are my jammmm!
* I am an intuitive bean, a Pisces Sun / Aquarius Rising and a Human Design Manifestor
My favourite film is In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-wai


This business was birthed many moons ago, sometime in September 2013.

It was the byproduct of a synchronistic encounter and also an example of what happens when you jump in with both feet (perhaps a little blindly).
It has had a few iterations along the way but has always been a vehicle for self-expression, connection, community, kindness, creativity, feminine power and the reverence of self.

2013 – Dames of Distinction 

2015 – The Distinctive Dame 

2017 – The Golden Poodle x The Distinctive Dame

2018 – Studio Lucky Star x The Distinctive Dame

2019 – The Distinctive Dame HQ @ The Manchester Unity

Photo of The Golden Poodle x The Distinctive Dame. Circa 2017


Creativity. Self Expression. Authenticity. 
Art. Design. Fashion. History. Magic. Fringe Dwellers.
Putting things together that aren’t meant to go together. 
FUN. Have fun with what you wear and who you are. 


Photo by: Phoebe Powell 
Photo by Ben Potter 
Photo by Yes, Mz 
Photo by Oli Sansom 


      Level 8, Suite 805
      220 Collins Street
        Melbourne 3000

      This is proudly an                     LGBTQIA+ inclusive                   business 




   (03) 9640-0555                   



Appointments available
Monday  to Sunday between 9am and 7pm. After hours appointments upon request.