Hi there, I’m Margeaux.

This business has been something I’ve nurtured since 2013. With creativity being the language of my soul, it was necessary for me to shift from being a hobby-ist to someone that does what they love most of the time.

I love fashion and beauty and have joined forces with some very talented beans to create a little wonderland where you can get your hair and makeup done for any kind of event or occasion (weddings, birthdays, photoshoots, costume parties, just because), pick up a fantastic piece of vintage or a glitter lipstick. We can even teach you how to do your own hair and makeup or how to make a pom-pom rug.

The greatest joy comes from hearing tales of each person that walks through the door – some great, some minor but all valuable. Stop by for a cuppa and some trash talk or let us glam you over.

Whatever your reason for visiting, you’ll always feel safe and welcome here.


I was gifted a golden poodle for my birthday this year.
At the time I didn’t think much of it, aside from it catching the light quite well.
How I like shiny things.

Someone saw it and exclaimed ‘I’m just going to get my hair done at The Golden Poodle’…

Little did I know how significant this exchange would be. The seed was planted for something kitschy, playful and fabulous.

Fast forward to late June 2017 and you have the playground that The Distinctive Dame now operates out of. Glamourous yet trashy; this is where most of the magic happens. We host hens events, bridal trials, glam sessions, tutorials and pamper parties. You can find yourself a kooky piece of local art, vintage clothing, hair jewels or makeup.

Brands we stock:

Mermaid Salon
Besame Cosmetics
Glitter Lips
Sea Siren Cosmetics
Miranda Jill Millen
Wacky Wacko
Elysian Creations

The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm.
Hair and makeup appointments available every day of the week both in-house and on location.
For more info please send us an email.